Insync has been providing outdoor Signage displays and wall displays in recreation and advertisement at places like Disney World, The Pacific Aquarium in Long Beach, California.
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LCD with Optically Bonded Anti-Reflective Glass for direct-sunlight viewing or high indoor ambient lighting

  • Sizes available up to 98”
  • Brightness up to 2,000 nits.
  • Touch monitors are ranging from 19” to 42” with 32-pointouch.  They are available in
    IR touch or Surface Light Wave (SLW) designed for direct-sunlight viewing.

Wall Displays

  •  47” and 55” LCD with ultra-thin border 3mm width. These 47” and 55” LCDs can be butted together to form variable sizes of wall displays by using multiple even number of 47” and 55” screens.  The displays have very narrow seam and is almost invisible view in a distance.

Insync Capabilities

  • Optically bonded AR glass onto the LCD for sunlight readability and impact protection.
  • 2,000 nits high brightness display up to 98″
  • IR touch screen or Surface Light Wave (SLW) touch screen provide multi-point touches up to 32points.
  • Custom Design and Modifications for Special Requirements.
  • Custom Kiosk Enclosures
  • System Integration and ruggedization.
  • Remote Diagnostic via RS232 and Internet