We are located at Laguna Hills, California, specialize direct-sunlight viewable monitors for outdoor. We are proud of our product reliability, which allows us to guarantee Free 2-year replacement. Our display products are highly customizable to meet your requirements, monitor size ranging from 3.5” to 82” and wide range of video inputs and all weather operating conditions. We comply with UL and other certifications, C1 D2 certification is being applied, which further allows our displays to be used in highly flammable oil refinery. We offer two standard display product lines: The Commander Series for the marine in boats and 2Gokiosk-X Series for outdoor kiosk. Both lines offer 15”, 17” and 19” display sizes. Contact factory for other sizes ranging from 3.5” to 82”.


We describe our displays aka: Sunlight Readable Display, Direct-Sunlight Viewable Display, Gasoline Pump Monitor, Customizable Industrial Display, Outdoor Touch Monitor, Outdoor LCD Monitor, High Brightness Monitor, Daylight Viewable Monitor, Marine Monitor, Marine Touch Monitor, Outdoor Kiosk Monitor, Oil Industry Monitor.